Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby shower at "THE FIRM"....

Yesterday my daughter was given a baby shower!!! I was invited to go! WOWeee...these people are wonderful!!!! They just love her!!!! Everyone was so excited! They ordered the food in from a VERY nice Chicago was DEE-LISH!!!!! She received some amazing gifts!

I'm off to Florida today so I'll be back next week! I'm missing my mom!!!! Love to All! CHEERS! Michele

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

As promised...pic's of my home

Here are some pics! We recently bought this home and have been doing changes on the inside. I'll be adding the inside pics soon! we have some mature trees on the property which need some attention, as you can see the ones off the street got a good trimming from the township! This home was built in 61' and still maintains some of it's original character. The original treats that it holds are the original kitchen cabinets, pink counter tops (with chrome trim) and its first back splash! The bathrooms three out of the 3.5 all have the original everything!!! one of them was updated in the seventies!!! At this point I plan on leaving the bathrooms in tact as they are in impeccable condition. I do like the idea of keeping the homes originality as much as possible. CHEERS Michele

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Kinda Town....CHICAGO IS

Here are a few pics taken about three weeks ago! I love Chicago what a fantastic city. We (me and Tom) love exploring downtown!! Walking thru the neighborhoods, going to the museums, trying new foods and of course going to the top of the Hancock building!!! This city pic is taken from the ladies room!
And isn't this the best a water taxi!!!!
There's Tom happy as can be with a nice drink!
CHEERS! Michele