Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Mystery Sampler Drive

Wow, that was sure fun and filling!!!!! We started in the promised Tom took me and his mother on a mystery food ride. We stopped at several Chicago eateries and he ordered one speciality from each place, we then divided each item into three servings!

We started in the morning, the weather was cold with a slight drizzle in the air. Our first stop was Jon's Bakery, Tom bought a struessel bun was so good! Nothing like freshly baked goods..YUM!

After our first stop we went to TJ MAX and MORE. We had fortyfive minutes to spare according to our driver!!! So I was off and running ...being that I LUV that store!!!! I picked up a beautiful hemstitched tablecloth for Thanksgiving!!! It was on the discount rack for seven dollars!!!! I got a nice set of Linzer cookie cutters too, we'll start making the cookies soon! I also bought some specialty curry and cumin spices!!!!

Okay...we're off to place number two. It's called Ricobene's, Tom ordered a breaded beefsteak sandwich......all I can say is DEE-LISH!!!!!!! It was covered in a red sauce with hot peppers!!!! I could eat this at least once a week!

Third, We went to a place called Skatchells where they serve, YOU KNOW!!! Chicago style hotdogs!!!!! Tom's favorite!!! They load it up with onions, relish, sport peppers, tomato, mustard and a pickle with french fries on the side! A CHICAGO CLASSIC!

Fourth....a roast beef submarine sandwich from Mr. Submarine. it was a pretty good sub...but I think it could have used a little more meat!

Last....the Grand Finale!.......YUMMO! Fried shrimp from the KORNER SHRIMP HOUSE! I know, I know...not the healthiest way to eat shrimp but it is GOOD!

When all was eaten up we headed home and had a nice Saturday afternoon nap. I love naps.

To close Saturday we played Family Feud and UNO! Time to look for a snack I'm hungry again!!!! I hope you enjoy the pic's!

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Paris Mallon said...

It sounds delicious and fun! I love reading your posts, I can almost smell and taste the food you describe...I wish! :)