Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh Happy Friday

Last night my oldest daughter and I went to Bath & Body Works and Marshalls. To my surprise B&BW had some great smelling oils to burn. I picked up Fresh Bamboo, Creamy Nutmeg and Tree! I burned some of the Bamboo last night it was WONDERFUL. It made the kitchen smell so nice after the kraut and sausage we had for dinner last night! We also enjoyed walking through Marshall's. They have alot of unique Christmas decorations and some cute gift idea's. I love the special imported soaps from France and Italy...sooooo nice! The only problem with those scented soaps are that when I have them I don't want to use them!!!!!!! I think that's why they are best for gifts!

Today I've baked a Banana Nut Bread, it's making the house smell yummy! I am so happy the weekend is here. It's already been planned out! This evening my hubby is taking my MIL and I out to an Irish Pub for some PUB GRUB! He likes the Bangers & Mash that they serve! Tomorrow we're going on a mystery food tour!!!! YEP, that's right he's the driver and in charge. He will be taking us to various places to sample Chicago cuisine! For an example, he may stop at a hotdog stand and order a Chicago style hotdog then we'd split it three ways and head to the next place.....almost like a progressive style sampler!!!! I take some pics and post them!!! I can hardly wait!


Bo said...

Hi Pug1...what a fantastic idea on the mystery dinner...sounds like so much fun! I'm going to steal that one from you to use in the future...;-) Bo

Pug1 said...

Please do! I can hardly wait to go tomorrow!!!!