Thursday, November 6, 2008


To a nice quite day! Cheers! I am alone with my cutie pie Minnie Mae. My MIL went out for the day with my cousin-in -laws! You see my mother in law has Alzheimers so Liz took her to see some family members and to go out and eat! I am thankful for her inviting her out! First of all I know she will enjoy herself and second it gives me a wee bit of a break, don't get me wrong I love her but it can be a bit challenging at times. She has been here a few weeks now and will be heading back home to Florida next week. (she lives in an assisted living home). She often repeats herself and is very slow at getting ready to go out. I know that sounds trivial.... I'm striving to be patient and loving!

Back to my cousin in laws, they are the greastest women! I just luv them, If I could wish for sisters they would be just like them. They are classy, kind, generous and beautiful! They have raised educated children who are just as kind and loving. They are great wives and have beautiful homes. Thank YOU LORD for these inlaws of mine!!!! It hasn't always been so easy for them they lost their mother to Lupus when they were fourteen and fifteen. I suppose the adversity made them stronger and determined. They are fantastic citizens and I'm happy they are my cousin inlaws!

So here I sit at my pc listening to Christian Hymns....I'm also burning some oils...the oil scent is Bayberry! It smells lovely! Some of my to-do's today are to clean the house while my MIL is away, it's easier when there isn't anyone home! I will also be preparing some kraut and sausage for dinner this evening.


Bo said...

God bless you, Pug1...I'm sure it takes a lot of love & patience to deal with that atrocious illness... So I'm sending you a hug today, ;-) Bo

Pug1 said...

You're so sweet Bo, thank You!